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Move interstate by packing yourself and leaving the transport to us, you’ll not only save money but have the comfort of knowing that you’re in the hands of one of Australia’s leading transport businesses.

Step 1

Book It

Move interstate by booking online or over the phone. When you need it, we’ll arrange for a container to be delivered to your door. All our containers are 6 metre (20 ft) containers and hold approximately 38 cubic metres. More than enough for an average home’s contents.

Where does U Pack It go in Australia?

U Pack It is here to help you move interstate. Should you require movements within the same city, please contact us by phone or submit an enquiry.

How much can I fit in a container?

Depending on how you pack your container, you will easily be able to fit the contents of a 3 bedroom home in a container.

How much room does the delivery truck need?

Each truck requires 20m in length to safely drop a container, if you’re unsure feel free to give us a call.

How big is a 20 ft container?

A 20 ft container is approximately 6.10m L x 2.44 W x 2.59m H holding 38 cubic metres.

Can I place a container on a slope?

If your driveway is on a slope, we ask you to send us a photo so we can ensure the safety of the delivery.

Do I need council approval to have a shipping container?

You will only require council approval if we are unable to place the container on your property. For example, if we require placement on a verge, footpath roadside etc. we will require approval from your council. If you live in a unit or apartment complex we will also require approval from a body corporate/property manager as this may affect other residents.

Step 2

Pack It

Simply pack your container at your own pace using the complimentary boxes (in selected areas) and helpful tips provided. To move interstate we allow 4 weeks from container drop off to delivery, but can provide more time if you need it. Packing yourself will ensure you know where to find everything when it’s time to move into your new home.

What can I pack?

Most household items are suitable for transport. Unfortunately items you are unable to take with you when you move interstate include pot plants and perishable foods due to state quarantine regulations.

Items classed as dangerous goods such as gas cylinders, cigarette lighters, paint/thinners and flammable materials, batteries and chemicals cannot be packed.

Can I pack motorised items?

Fuels must be emptied from items such as lawn mowers and garden edgers before being place in a container. If you wish to move a boat, car or motorcycle, please give us a call to arrange a quote through Northline.

How should I load a container?

It is essential that you load your household items carefully and properly to ensure your valuable possessions reach their destination in good order. To help, here’s a list of tips we have put together:

  • Keep each room together by packing one room at a time
  • It is best to pack as many items as possible into boxes rather than placing loose items into the container
  • Collapsible furniture should always be flat packed and wrapped
  • Do not leave spaces between your belongings. Always fill any gaps with cardboard boxes, packing material or rags
  • Tape cupboards and drawers shut so they cannot open in transit
  • Pack easy to loose and important items in one box
  • Cardboard should always be placed between your belongings, especially when securing them to prevent rubbing in transit
What items need specific care?

Furniture: Where possible furniture should be flat packed and wrapped individually. To protect your items such as lounges and mattresses, slip over a plastic cover.

Electrical equipment: If you still have the original packaging now’s a great time to use it, otherwise use extra wrapping for protection.

Fragile items: Care should be taken to individually wrap cups and glassware with newspaper and to prevent movement in transit ensure items form a snug fit inside their boxes.

Garden equipment: Tools like shovels and rakes should be taped together. Clean your garden equipment so they don’t contaminate your other belongings and don’t forget to drain fuel from mowers.

Food and alcohol: Only non-perishable items can be transported interstate due to quarantine regulations. Preferably your alcohol collection should be packed into wine cartons and wrapped individually with newspaper.

Books: Place books into boxes and load them on or near the base of the container. Do not load on top of other belongings.

How do I keep my belongings secure?

The security of your household items is important to us. That’s why we ask you to provide your own padlock to secure your container.

Do you provide packing boxes?

For customers located in Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns and Townsville we offer 10 complimentary tea chest boxes (provided at time of container delivery). If you are located outside of these locations, please contact us to assist further.

Step 3

Move It

Once you’re ready to move, give us a call, and we’ll collect and deliver the container to your new home. If you need, we’ll securely store the container until you’re ready to move.

How long will it take before my belongings arrive?

This will depend on where you and your new home is located. Speak with your U Pack It Officer at time of enquiry and/or booking for details.

If I use your storage service, where will my goods be stored?

Your goods will be stored in the nearest Northline branch. To view our locations visit

Step 4

Unpack It

Unpack your container at your own pace. When you’re done, give us a call and we’ll collect the empty container.

How much time will we have to unpack?

You have 4 weeks hire included in your quote from the time you have the empty container dropped off. It is best to keep this in mind when thinking about how long it may take you to pack and unpack.

What if I need more time to unpack?

Give us a call and we can adjust your booking accordingly. 

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Thank you for choosing U Pack It to quote your upcoming move. Please note a U Pack It Officer will be in touch with you shortly to confirm the final quote price.

Thank you for choosing U Pack It to quote your upcoming move. Please note a U Pack It Officer will be in touch with you shortly to confirm the final quote price.

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  • Transport of a 20 ft container from depot to depot
  • Carrying of typical household contents for up to 8 tonnes
  • Insurance against fire, collision, flood and overturning of the vehicle carrying your belongings
  • Four weeks use of the container from start to finish including optional storage

*Additional charges may apply for specific sending and delivery locations. If you have selected additional storage time, we will adjust accordingly.

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